Internet Pharmacy Service Ravkoo™ Expanding Workforce Amid Growth

Creation of Three New Sales Teams Reflects Continued Expansion, Dedication to Patients

August 31, 2021

TAMPA, FL. (August 31, 2021) — RavkooTM, Inc., the digital delivery-focused startup that brings prescriptions right to customers, continues to build on its year of momentum and will channel that external progress into internal development by launching three new dedicated sales teams. Teams will include inside sales, outside sales and commissions-based sales and will set up Ravkoo to increase its current presence of 400 distribution centers nationwide in over 110 major cities.

“We continue to not only develop best-in-class software that makes same-day doorstep delivery a convenient option but also cultivate meaningful business and client relationships. Both approaches position Ravkoo as the fulfillment method of choice for more and more Americans,” said Alpesh Patel, chief executive officer of RavkooTM, Inc. “We pride ourselves on efficiency and progress in the healthcare space, and expanding the number of people working for Ravkoo helps us meet both those objectives.”

The inside sales team will introduce the startup to a range of future clients, including pharmacists, healthcare providers and patients, to showcase Ravkoo’s features and benefits by phone, email or internet messaging. Outside sales will become the face of Ravkoo for these groups, visiting offices and attending trade shows, conferences and industry events, while the commission only team will maximize the company’s expansion avenues. Ravkoo is ready to onboard 50 new team members to focus on the provider side of the business, interacting with doctors and other medical providers to explain the company’s full range of offerings, benefits and partnership opportunities.

About Ravkoo: Ravkoo is an online Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for prescription fulfillment, developing solutions for each stakeholder in the pharmacy environment. The business gives patients nationwide same-day or next-day prescription delivery and offers customers unparalleled savings through a convenient discount card. Healthcare providers who partner with Ravkoo can consolidate and streamline their prescription workflow, consult easily with pharmacists, and offer their patients a convenient option. Pharmacists that join the Ravkoo network gain prescription volume and an influx of foot traffic. Find out more about these and other efforts at


Web-Based Drugstore Shipment Startup Ravkoo™ Joins Forces With Advanced Rx Pharmacy Services

Software Companies Expand Same-Day Delivery to More Patient Homes With Partnership

August 27, 2021

Tampa, Fla. (August 27, 2021) RavkooTM, Inc. continues to experience unprecedented growth across the nation and in business scope, and is pleased to share the company’s commitment to distributing customers’ medication directly to their doorstep is now stronger than ever through its latest partnership with Advanced Rx. Ravkoo’s Software-as-a-Service model integrates seamlessly with the Advanced Rx pharmacy management system, giving the businesses that use Advanced Rx programs access to Ravkoo as an option for their clientele empowering patients, providers, and pharmacies.

“Though we’ve been helping independent and digital pharmacies for over a decade, our team members have a passion for learning and remain on the lookout for new technological innovations in the healthcare space,” said Miral Patel, founder and CEO of Advanced Rx. “Ravkoo’s convenience, consultation offerings, and affordability make the company second to none, and the business model represents the future of 21st-century healthcare.”

“We’ve seen firsthand how pharmacies that join our expansive network boost their foot traffic, and their patients love the efficiency that comes from getting medication delivered directly to their doorstep the same day instead of spending time waiting,” added Alpesh Patel, Chief Executive Officer of RavkooTM, Inc. “Now that Advanced Rx business clients add the power of Ravkoo to their technology setups, they’re able to add unmatched value to the customer experience, especially as our new Ravkoo Health App is set to launch.”

Advanced Rx pharmaceutical systems users join the more than 400 distribution centers in 110 cities across America that have fostered greater success in partnering with Ravkoo’s prescription distribution efforts. Find out more about how Advanced Rx optimizes the care experience by clicking here.

About Ravkoo: Ravkoo is an online Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for prescription fulfillment, developing solutions for each stakeholder in the pharmacy environment. The business gives patients nationwide same-day or next-day prescription delivery and offers customers unparalleled savings through a convenient discount card. Healthcare providers who partner with Ravkoo can consolidate and streamline their prescription workflow, consult easily with pharmacists, and offer their patients a convenient option. Pharmacists that join the Ravkoo network gain prescription volume and an influx of foot traffic. Find out more about these and other efforts at


Best Prescription Discount Cards

August 27, 2021

Prescription discount cards are a life-saver. That’s not only a phrase; we mean it. Who doesn’t like to get discounts on prescription drugs? In fact, the more, the better. These discount cards allow the buyer to get cheaper prescription medicines and some over-the-counter medicines through many pharmacies across the country. 

Many generic drugs may be selling at a much lower price than a prescription drug, but the patient’s condition may demand prescription drugs. At that point, if someone is already struggling with health insurance, prescription discount programs are all they need.

Nobody can deny the importance of a medicinal discount with the surging prices of drugs. Many people cannot take prescription drugs only due to the insane prices, so many companies chipped in to bargain for their consumers. Let’s have a look at what types of discount prescription card you can get your hands on:

1. AARP Prescription Discount Card

AARP offers one of the best prescription discount cards for the members and non-members of its community. However, the members will have an edge with more discounts and facilities such as home delivery.

The easy-to-use card is effective for people who have health insurance and those as well who don’t. You can ask the pharmacist for a discount by showing the AARP discount card. They will give you a comparison of the cheapest options in the FDA approved drugs.

The card can get you up to an 80% discount on prescription and over the counter drugs.

2. Walgreens Prescription Discount Card

Walgreens prescription discount card can give you up to 80% discount on prescription drugs, preventive and even pet medicines. You don’t need to be insured for getting the discounts. However, you need a Walgreen’s prescriptions saving club.

The discount card offers its consumers a 20% discount on vaccinations and a straightaway 10% Walgreen’s branded drugs and Nice! Products.

The discount card is valid on all Walgreen’s pharmacies across different states.Not a bad deal!

3. Prescription Discount Card Walmart

Patients may get cheap prescriptions in 30-day and 90-day quantities through Walmart’s $4 Prescriptions program, which needs no membership, no cost, and no insurance.

The initiative, known as “Walmart’s $4 generic list,” comprises almost 100 generic medicines priced between $4 and $40.

There are certain limitations to Walmart’s discount prescription card. Walmart may remove a particular medicine off the list, not all states have the facility, and not all the drugs cost you $40.

However, you can take advantage of up to an 80% discount using the card.

4. Prescription Discount Card CVS

To begin, go to your nearest CVS and fill up a short form with your name, address, and email address. The card is attached to the form and is ready to use right away. Another option is to go to and enrol in the ExtraCare Program. Within one week, CVS will mail you a card.

The usage is simple.  Sign in to your account or the CVS Pharmacy app before you go shopping, then navigate to “Deals & Rewards” to send your reward to your ExtraCare card. You can use it at the time of checkout.

CVS is one of those pharmacies that offer a prescription discount app and make medicine shopping easy for customers.

5. Ravkoo Rx Discount Card

Ravkoo Rx discount card offers up to a 90% discount on prescription as well as generic medicines. The best part about Ravkoo’s is that it covers prescription and generic drugs that most of the prescription discount cards don’t.

The other advantage is of 90% discount, which is higher than other cards.

You can access 65000 pharmacies through the Ravkooo prescription by doing a simple three-step process:

  1. Enter your email or phone number on Ravkoo’s discount app to receive your free discount card.
  2. Choose Ravkoo as your preferred pharmacy by showing Ravkoo’s information to your doctor.
  3. Get the card delivered to your doorstep for free.

The process is simple, and it will give you access to huge discounts on most of the medicines even without any subscription with the pharmacy itself. All you need is to provide your contact information.

While most of the available prescription discount cards will save you money, Ravkoo’s prescription discount card has a clear advantage of an app-based easy to install three-step process.

You can check your options here before making the final decision for a prescription discount card.


Best Health Monitoring Devices

August 25, 2021

Health monitoring devices are gaining popularity. Anyone can use them to achieve their fitness goals without compromising on their health. Most people prefer a wearable health monitoring device over health apps, but some apps are crucial for professionals.

One such app is an outreach smartphone monitoring app that helps police know about criminals’ blood alcohol content and their vitals if they are in a house arrest.

However, in daily lives, health monitoring wearables have a unique place. The reasons are straightforward. A wearable health monitoring option stays with the user. They don’t need to carry anything additional to keep tabs on their overall health, and the wearable health monitoring technology comes at different prices to meet the market needs.

Here are the reviews for some hand-picked health monitoring devices that can make health maintenance a breeze for their users:

Category 1-Wearable Fitness Tracker

1. Fitbit Inspire 2 :

If you’re looking for a basic wearable fitness tracker, Fitbit Inspire 2 is the end to your research. The device is not fancy, but it serves the purposes of accumulating basic health data, automated workout monitoring, and precise sleep insights. It also includes a year of Fitbit Premium for free. It clarifies why is monitoring system health so important?

There’s no music storage, so you will need your phone nearby to pump up your workout routine. It does, however, offer Active Zone Minutes, a feature found on Fitbit’s more expensive models that tracks how much time you spend exercising in the fat-burning, cardio, or peak heart-rate zones.

2. Garmin Vivosport :

Vivosport has a built-in GPS receiver, which allows it to track your pace and position more accurately on runs, walks, and bike rides without requiring you to carry your phone. Its heart rate tracking performs admirably well.

The Vivosport isn’t the ideal option for monitoring swimming, but it’s fantastic for tracking other types of activities like jogging and cycling. All of your efforts will be immediately synced with the Garmin Connect app, which also connects to Garmin’s smart scales if you want to track your weight and body composition over time.

Category 2-Wearable ECG Monitor :

3. KardiaMobile 6L EKG :

The first and only 6-lead personal EKG in the world, this device is truly brilliant. In only 30 seconds, your smartphone can detect atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, tachycardia, or a normal heart rhythm. Your doctor will have a better picture of your heart health with six leads of heart data.

They will be able to utilise the information to assist in diagnosing other cardiac arrhythmias.

This shows why is monitoring system health so important for cardiac patients.

Category 3-Wearable BP Monitor

4. Omron HeartGuide :

When you wish to take your blood pressure, you activate an inflatable cuff inside the watchband, which is FDA-approved. It takes around 30 seconds to get a reading.

It connects to HeartAdvisor, a companion app that offers information about your readings. The software gathers and maintains your data in the form of colour-coded graphs that allow you to identify patterns in your readings depending on variables like activity and time of day. Both Android and Apple smartphones may use the HeartAdvisor app.

This BP monitor also aids in the tracking and monitoring of exercise objectives and sleep patterns. It can also send text messages.

5. EMAY Portable EKG :

The Emay Portable ECG Monitor is one of the most accurate and finest portable ECG monitors on the market, allowing you to read your ECG in seconds. This ECG gadget is the ideal choice because of its user-friendly software and support for EMAY. Patients with cardiac issues should use this gadget to make their lives easier.

You receive accurate findings and readings in 30 seconds to save time when you need quick and exact results.

It’s easy to carry about because it’s so basic. The additional benefit is that the device does not require a cable to operate it, and it does not require a large amount of space to transport it, making it more portable.

Category 4- – Wearable Biosensors :

6. Vital Patch :

The VitalPatch® is a band-aid-shaped wearable biosensor from VitalConnect that can measure vital indicators, including ECG patterns, heart rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature, blood pressure, and more.

Without the need for cumbersome equipment, healthcare providers may utilise the device’s data to monitor the patient’s health in real-time.

To detect vital signs, the gadget contains “ECG electrodes, a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, and thermistors”.

Doctors or paramedics can only use the wearable once before being discarded.

Category 5- Smartwatches for Tele health Monitoring :

Ravkoo Health and Fitness Watch :

This tele health monitoring device is one of its kind on the list. While other wearable devices are too technical for common people, Ravkoo Health and Fitness watch is the most convinient to carry.

You can set up the Ravkoo’s app on this best smartwatch for health monitoring that includes hourly blood pressure, heart rate and SpO2.

The device facilitates deep breathing exercises and tracks vitals of your loved ones through the app to notify the user of any abnormality.

The watch gives reminders for medicines, so you don’t miss a dose.With this health monitoring device, you can monitor your sleep and stress levels and manage them according to your health needs.

The watch is equipped with GPS and some additional features include storage of music.

Takeaway :

Health monitoring has many benefits for people who are struggling with complicated health conditions in their lives.

The wearable technology has straightened out fitness goals of many people across the globe. However, the technology is new and the early adapters sometimes struggle with the choice of a tele health monitoring device.

Thorough understanding of the fitness conditions can make it easy for the users to pick suitable health monitoring devices.

Still, if fitness is the main concern, non-medical devices are the best choice just like the best smart watch for health monitoring that will give you insights about your vitals and facilitate your workout goals.


Wesley Chapel Rx Becomes Ravkoo™ Online Prescription Delivery Service Affiliate

Pharmacy Partnership Enables Patients to Get Free Direct-to-Consumer Deliveries

August 25, 2021

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. (August 24, 2021): Wesley Chapel Rx now joins over 400 nationwide distribution centers in more than 110 major cities as an affiliate of RavkooTM, Inc, opening a new chapter of economic growth and even greater convenience, consultation and affordability for patients. As a partner with Ravkoo, this Pasco County pharmacy will not only see a boost in revenue from higher customer volume and foot-traffic, but will also now offer patients free direct-to-doorstep delivery of their prescriptions.

“Working with Ravkoo is a natural fit for our independent pharmacy, and we think our patients will enjoy this new option,” said Keval Patel, manager at Wesley Chapel Pharmacy. “Waiting around to pick up a prescription is a thing of the past. Now our customers can get their orders sent directly to them, the same day and at their convenience.”

With more aspects of people’s lives moving to the digital sphere, Ravkoo’s online model lets patients access their prescriptions in a space that’s comfortable to them and manage their medications in one convenient location. When customers ask for Ravkoo delivery for their Wesley Chapel Rx order, they can virtually track and monitor their prescriptions all the way to their doorstep. They can also connect online with a pharmacist to get more information or a consultation.

Becoming a Ravkoo affiliate also offers benefits for Wesley Chapel Rx. Ravkoo’s digital services are HIPAA compliant and LegitScript certified, and they help the business efficiently manage orders. As Ravkoo partner, the pharmacy will also serve a greater number of customers and improve in-store sales with a larger number of walk-in patients. With this move, Wesley Chapel Rx can not only compete with the larger pharmacy options, but also offer a new level of customer service.

About Ravkoo: Ravkoo is an online Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for prescription fulfillment, developing solutions for each stakeholder in the pharmacy environment. The business gives patients nationwide same-day or next-day prescription delivery and offers customers unparalleled savings through a convenient discount card. Healthcare providers who partner with Ravkoo can consolidate and streamline their prescription workflow, consult easily with pharmacists, and offer their patience a convenient option. Pharmacists that join the Ravkoo network gain prescription volume and an influx of foot traffic. Find out more about these and other efforts at


Ravkoo™ Digital Prescription Delivery Service Builds New Partnership with SRS Pharmacy Systems

New collaboration expands patient, pharmacist access to same-day doorstep order delivery

August 24, 2021

Tampa, Fla. (August 20, 2021) RavkooTM, Inc.—the patient-focused startup disrupting the traditional pharmacy space by offering same-day prescription delivery to customer’s doors—today announced the company is joining forces with SRS Pharmacy Systems, the business that helps simplify modern pharmacy management. The combined power of these two tech-focused companies means all pharmacies using SRS as their management system can now be part of Ravkoo, and offer the convenience, consultation options, and affordability Ravkoo is known for across the country to their customers.

“Working together with SRS Pharmacy Systems is a natural fit for our company, and aligned with our core mission to create a positive prescription experience through effective healthcare partnerships,” said Alpesh Patel, Chief Executive Officer of RavkooTM, Inc. “SRS gives greater efficiency to pharmacies with their promise of One System, One Vendor, One Call, and helps pharmacists focus more on their business and customers instead of technological issues. Ravkoo offers similar efficiency by moving prescription collection from the pickup window to the delivery truck. The end result is a greater focus on patient care over the typical business necessities.”

This new cooperative effort continues a trend of considerable growth for Ravkoo during a time where healthcare is a greater and greater part of the national focus. While independently the company offered 400 distribution centers nationwide in over 110 major cities, a deeper connection with the integrated, EPCS-certified pharmacy management software from SRS Pharmacy Systems only expands Ravkoo’s service footprint, economic opportunity, and commitment to customer care.

About Ravkoo: Ravkoo is an online Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for prescription fulfillment, developing solutions for each stakeholder in the pharmacy environment. The business gives patients nationwide same-day or next-day prescription delivery and offers customers unparalleled savings through a convenient discount card. Healthcare providers who partner with Ravkoo can consolidate and streamline their prescription workflow, consult easily with pharmacists, and offer their patients a convenient option. Pharmacists that join the Ravkoo network gain prescription volume and an influx of foot traffic. Find out more about these and other efforts at


Amenia Drugs Joins Growing Network of Ravkoo™ Internet Pharmacy Service Partners

Affiliation Allows Business to Offer Free Direct-to-Doorstep Same-Day Prescription Deliveries

August 24, 2021

AMENIA, NY (August 18, 2021): Amenia Drugs, the Upstate New York community pharmacy that serves patients in the Hudson Valley, is pleased to share that the business is now affiliated with RavkooTM, Inc., opening new economic opportunities for both companies and new options for the pharmacy’s patients. As a new member of Ravkoo’s nationwide network of pharmacies, Amenia Drugs’ customers gain access to Ravkoo’s convenient and free same-day prescription delivery services and digital tools, while the independent pharmacy sees increased volume in customers and foot traffic.

“Joining with Ravkoo doesn’t just let us compete with the major pharmaceutical corporations. It lets us offer something different,” said Christopher Fama, manager at Amenia Drugs. “Patients not only get the convenience of having their prescriptions brought directly to their homes, but they also get the quality customer service offered by a small-town drug store that the big chains can’t easily replicate.”

The pharmacy’s status as a Ravkoo affiliate means that current and new Amenia Drugs patients now have a prescription management experience that boosts convenience, consultation options and affordability. When customers place their orders using Ravkoo, they can connect virtually with a pharmacist to ask questions, and monitor and track their prescriptions from when it’s submitted up to the point of delivery. They can also manage their medications in one convenient online location and know that their order has been fulfilled in the best way to maximize savings.

This new partnership doesn’t just help build economic opportunity for Amenia Drugs by boosting business levels. The pharmacy’s operations are streamlined through Ravkoo’s HIPAA-compliant and LegitScript-certified digital services, and pharmacists and technicians gain Ravkoo hub pharmacy support. Amenia Drugs joins over 400 distribution centers nationwide in more than 110 major cities in offering pharmacy services for the 21st century with Ravkoo.

About Ravkoo: Ravkoo is an online Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for prescription fulfillment, developing solutions for each stakeholder in the pharmacy environment. The business gives patients nationwide same-day or next-day prescription delivery and offers customers unparalleled savings through a convenient discount card. Healthcare providers who partner with Ravkoo can consolidate and streamline their prescription workflow, consult easily with pharmacists, and offer their patience a convenient option. Pharmacists that join the Ravkoo network gain prescription volume and an influx of foot traffic. Find out more about these and other efforts at


Top 5 Healthcare Apps for Patients

August 18, 2021

According to the NCBI, about 58.4% of mobile users have at least one healthcare app installed on their phones in the US. Healthcare mobile apps for patients have a significant role in the diagnosis and overall wellness management of the patients.

Some of the top medical apps for patients may keep a check on their vitals, keep tabs on their labs, have a strong backup of their EHR, and can provide telehealth services on their single click.

In fact, healthcare mobile apps features for patients are an important consideration while they start tracking their health through a medical app.

Before moving to the list of top healthcare apps for patients, here’s a significant line to draw. Many users may confuse healthcare apps with wellness apps.

Well, both types of apps may come under the umbrella of healthcare apps, but the features vary drastically among the two. The medical apps revolve around the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, while the wellness apps are more vast in their scope, revolving around mental, physical, and even spiritual health parameters.

This article will specifically look at the best medical apps for patients in 2021. Here are the five best apps for patients and healthcare:

1. WebMD :

WebMD is a popular digital healthcare resource center that also has its mobile app. The features of the WebMD mobile app include resources through which you can research different medical conditions.

Other aspects of the app include a symptom checker through which you can match your symptoms to specific diseases, guidelines about the first aid procedures, and updates about the medical news.

This app is good for medical savvy people who want to know about diseases on the go.

2. Medisafe :

Medisafe app is another mobile healthcare app that gives reminders to the patients for their doses. The app sends alerts when the medicines are running short or a dose is missed. Other than that, the app also has warnings and interactions of various drugs.

The app is a lifesaver for patients who need to manage multiple doses of medicines in a single day. They don’t need to keep checking the prescription, instead, the app does it for them.

3. Diabetes Connect :

Diabetes Connect is one of the best free medical apps that lets its users record their sugar levels, their insulin intake, their exercise schedule, and their carbohydrate intake throughout the day.

The app is available on mobile phones as well as desktops. The patient can get access to their blood sugar stats through this app.

Especially helpful for patients who need close monitoring of their blood sugar levels due to sudden spikes and dips.

4. Teladoc :

As the name suggests, Teladoc is an app-based portal that allows the patients to connect to a board of on-call doctors. The patient can have an appointment with the doctor of their choice and can get prescriptions based on the diagnosis.

The application has online doctors available 24/7 to assist patients, and the patients can schedule appointments through the demand metrics that work to establish the influx of patients and the available doctors.

In some cases, the doctors send a medicine request to connected pharmacies as well.

5. Ravkoo Health App :

Ravkoo app is one of the best mobile health applications for patients because it has integrated a lot of features in a single place. The patients can access their labs, prescriptions, and medical records.

The app works well with Apple devices and smartwatches and has features such as vitals updates, nutritional updates, prescription management, and telehealth visits.

The application is surely a one-stop solution for people who are struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle while juggling day-to-day tasks.

Takeaway :

Mobile healthcare apps for patients make their lives easy. A good app provides support through diagnostics, vital monitoring, and telehealth visits all integrated into a single space.Therefore while choosing the best mobile health app, one must be cautious enough to see every aspect of the app carefully.

The newer trend in mobile healthcare apps includes health information exchange apps that give thorough coverage to the patients, doctors, nurses, and other staff to connect and manage their separate accounts on a single app, so it’s better to seek better technology in making the healthcare app decision.


How to Choose a Telehealth Platform for Best-In-Class Virtual Care

August 12, 2021

Telehealth platforms are gaining popularity. The major contributor to this breakthrough change is the pandemic that led people to opt for virtual care solutions rather than physical consultations. In the first quarter of 2020, telehealth consultations were increased by 50%.

Healthcare businesses are moving towards digital integrations to provide better service to home-bound patients.

To achieve enhanced care, a telehealth platform blends technologies such as mHealth (mobile health), video and audio software solutions, digital photography, remote patient monitoring (RPM), asynchronous telehealth, or e-consults.

How to Pick a Telehealth Platform:

Keep in mind that not all virtual care platforms have all the integrations mentioned above.
However, for a healthcare business that wants to adopt a telehealth platform, there are five basic factors to seek in a virtual care platform:

  1. It should not breach the privacy and security boundaries of either the healthcare professionals or the patients.
  2. Integrates the most updated modalities to ensure quality care to the patients.
  3. User-friendly interfaces for both the healthcare provider and the patients.
  4. It must have the scope of scalability with the technological advancements and room for integration for newer software solutions such as EHR.
  5. Data analytics to establish the supply and demand metrics of a healthcare business.
  6. Handling of telehealth medical billing.
  7. Real time support after a visit.

Let’s have an in-depth look at what these factors mean:

1.  Privacy and Security:

Patient data is sensitive information. Anyone related to the healthcare business must know the importance of data encryption. A patient and a healthcare provider should be well-adapted and informed about the security of their data.

In the past, the security of healthcare data was not a significant concern because everything was hand-written and manually sorted in files that were kept intact in a healthcare facility.

With virtual healthcare platforms gaining popularity, there are standards such as HIPAA to secure patient data at every end of the clinical cycle. For this, when a patient selects a digital healthcare platform, he must know that the platform is updated for current reforms.

If the platform doesn’t work on the current protocols, there’s a high chance of hackers getting access which is a considerable concern.

2.  Modalities:

There are three basic telehealth integrations that make a virtual healthcare platform a desired one. Not all the three are present in all these platforms, but a patient must make a decision by picking up at least one type of integration in the telehealth platform:

A. Synchronous:

Synchronous modality gives a chance to video call or an audio-call based appointment to the patient. The whole process is conducted through a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Synchronous modality sometimes involves on-site checkup of a patient with peripheral equipment used by another healthcare provider (non-doctors) to send live updates to the doctors.

B. Asynchronous:

Asynchronous modality allows the patients to send their images, or clinical data through a portal that uses a direct messaging client. This type of modality doesn’t use the live connection methods. The doctor sees the patient details later.

C. Remote Patient Monitoring:

Through this modality, a doctor receives patient data either live or stored, but from a distance.

3. User-Friendly Interface:

Imagine being stuck at home with a patient. You open a telehealth platform, but it is too complicated to handle. You try hard to find an online doctor, but you fail miserably because the system requires too much digging to find one.

Frustrating, right? That’s why a virtual care platform needs to be user-friendly. The interface should be convenient enough to make non-specialists understand its usage.

The user interface is an important consideration for the healthcare providers as well, so any clinic switching to a virtual care solution vendor should make sure to adopt a functional interface.

4. Scalability that Allows EHR Integration:

A telehealth platform must provide a patient with the electronic health record option. The electronic health record systems give a detailed view of a patient’s health.

A virtual care platform that enables EHR makes it easy for the patients to access their history, diagnostics, comparative health records and test results that do not require manual handling.

The EHR systems are also beneficial for doctors since they streamline the workflow for them. They have access to the complete history of their patients every time they log into an EHR enabled telehealth platform that reduces the work pressure.

5. Data Analytics for Telehealth Platforms:

Although data analytics used in a telehealth platform doesn’t directly affect patients, but it ehances the overall performance of such systems. The data analytics can help healthcare providers to manage the appointment times, the volume of patients, diagnoses of patients and the outcomes.

A telehealth platform with data analytics involved at the back-end will always provide utmost patient care due to the strong grip on the patient trends.

6. Telehealth Medical Billing:

The telehealth platform must have an effective telehealth billing system in place that will allow the patients to book appointments as they visit the system. The automation of the telehealth billing is an important aspect a patient should take into consideration when making an online appointment decision.

Platforms with faulty billing process not only cause wastage of time, but in some cases, money as well.

7. Real Time Support:

You need to be able to contact someone if something goes wrong. You want a partner who can provide real-time help. Waiting for someone to call you may be extremely unpleasant, especially when it jeopardises your ability to deliver care to your patients. You must be able to call and email your telemedicine provider. Customer service and commitment say volumes about a firm.


A telehealth platform is a relatively new experience for the world. Patients and HCP alike are adapting the technological advancements in the healthcare system. However, patients are more concerned about having the best-in-class healthcare support through a telehealth platform. The points mentioned in the above text can give you a direction of what to see in a virtual healthcare platform.


WatchRx and Ravkoo Partner to Improve Medication Adherence and Patient Health with Digital Health Platform

The partnership enables Ravkoo customers to benefit from a more personalized healthcare experience through WatchRx’s intelligent medication reminders, lifestyle monitoring, and health & fitness coaching

August 11, 2021

BOSTON, August 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WatchRx and Ravkoo™, the company that is revolutionizing the pharmacy industry with its advanced Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, announced today that they are partnering to improve patient care with smart wearable solutions. This partnership will help patients improve medication adherence and follow healthier lifestyles.

Chronic disease is the leading contributor to America’s $3.8 trillion annual healthcare cost. 60% of American adults suffer from some chronic disease while 40% suffer from more than one condition. Missed medications result in 125,000 annual deaths in the US. The issue is very pronounced among the rapidly growing senior population, where nearly 69% of hospital readmissions are due to medication non-adherence.

The two companies are coming together to significantly improve medication adherence through the use of WatchRx technology and Ravkoo’s consumer friendly business model and industry reach.

“Ravkoo is building an industry-leading digital pharmacy platform to deliver personalized care services to our customers,” said Alpesh Patel, Founder and CEO of Ravkoo. “WatchRx is the most promising chronic care solution on the market. This partnership is a critical piece of our data-driven digital pharmacy platform and will drive better outcomes, improve lives, and lower costs.”

This partnership will leverage WatchRx’s remote patient monitoring (RPM) and chronic care management (CCM) capabilities and Ravkoo’s digital pharmacy platform to:

  • Improve medication adherence
  • Deliver personalized healthcare at home
  • Increase patient and caregiver engagement
  • Drive positive behavioral and lifestyle changes

“WatchRx is on a mission to help healthcare providers deliver quality care”, said Jayanthi Narasimhan, Founder and CEO of WatchRx. “We are thrilled to join hands with Ravkoo to help them address medication adherence among their 2 million+ customers. With our senior-friendly solution, Ravkoo customers will be able to connect wearables and medical devices as well as access personalized resources and guidance to manage their health. Our data analytics, automation, and patient-first capabilities are critical to addressing medication adherence.”

The WatchRx solution is available as part of Ravkoo’s digital health management platform.

About Ravkoo

Ravkoo™ is a digital software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for prescription fulfillment, with over 400 distribution centers nationwide in over 110 major cities, providing free, same-day or next-day prescription delivery to patients’ doorsteps. At Ravkoo, we strive to improve patient adherence through convenience, consultation, and affordability. Ravkoo is fulfilling its mission by offering a SaaS platform that links doctors, pharmacists, and patients.

About WatchRx

WatchRx is on a mission to help healthcare providers deliver quality care to seniors and peace of mind to caregivers. Our solution stack includes a senior-friendly smartwatch, remote patient monitoring (RPM), chronic care management, and health & wellness coaching. Hospitals, healthcare providers, and pharmacies can use our solution to virtually monitor their patients and provide affordable quality care, right at home. They can use our predictive analytics, visual medication reminders, and voice, video, text communication capabilities to deliver personalized coaching to improve patient outcomes while reducing physician burnout and increasing revenues.