Top 5 Healthcare Apps for Patients

August 18, 2021

According to the NCBI, about 58.4% of mobile users have at least one healthcare app installed on their phones in the US. Healthcare mobile apps for patients have a significant role in the diagnosis and overall wellness management of the patients.

Some of the top medical apps for patients may keep a check on their vitals, keep tabs on their labs, have a strong backup of their EHR, and can provide telehealth services on their single click.

In fact, healthcare mobile apps features for patients are an important consideration while they start tracking their health through a medical app.

Before moving to the list of top healthcare apps for patients, here’s a significant line to draw. Many users may confuse healthcare apps with wellness apps.

Well, both types of apps may come under the umbrella of healthcare apps, but the features vary drastically among the two. The medical apps revolve around the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, while the wellness apps are more vast in their scope, revolving around mental, physical, and even spiritual health parameters.

This article will specifically look at the best medical apps for patients in 2021. Here are the five best apps for patients and healthcare:

1. WebMD :

WebMD is a popular digital healthcare resource center that also has its mobile app. The features of the WebMD mobile app include resources through which you can research different medical conditions.

Other aspects of the app include a symptom checker through which you can match your symptoms to specific diseases, guidelines about the first aid procedures, and updates about the medical news.

This app is good for medical savvy people who want to know about diseases on the go.

2. Medisafe :

Medisafe app is another mobile healthcare app that gives reminders to the patients for their doses. The app sends alerts when the medicines are running short or a dose is missed. Other than that, the app also has warnings and interactions of various drugs.

The app is a lifesaver for patients who need to manage multiple doses of medicines in a single day. They don’t need to keep checking the prescription, instead, the app does it for them.

3. Diabetes Connect :

Diabetes Connect is one of the best free medical apps that lets its users record their sugar levels, their insulin intake, their exercise schedule, and their carbohydrate intake throughout the day.

The app is available on mobile phones as well as desktops. The patient can get access to their blood sugar stats through this app.

Especially helpful for patients who need close monitoring of their blood sugar levels due to sudden spikes and dips.

4. Teladoc :

As the name suggests, Teladoc is an app-based portal that allows the patients to connect to a board of on-call doctors. The patient can have an appointment with the doctor of their choice and can get prescriptions based on the diagnosis.

The application has online doctors available 24/7 to assist patients, and the patients can schedule appointments through the demand metrics that work to establish the influx of patients and the available doctors.

In some cases, the doctors send a medicine request to connected pharmacies as well.

5. Ravkoo Health App :

Ravkoo app is one of the best mobile health applications for patients because it has integrated a lot of features in a single place. The patients can access their labs, prescriptions, and medical records.

The app works well with Apple devices and smartwatches and has features such as vitals updates, nutritional updates, prescription management, and telehealth visits.

The application is surely a one-stop solution for people who are struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle while juggling day-to-day tasks.

Takeaway :

Mobile healthcare apps for patients make their lives easy. A good app provides support through diagnostics, vital monitoring, and telehealth visits all integrated into a single space.Therefore while choosing the best mobile health app, one must be cautious enough to see every aspect of the app carefully.

The newer trend in mobile healthcare apps includes health information exchange apps that give thorough coverage to the patients, doctors, nurses, and other staff to connect and manage their separate accounts on a single app, so it’s better to seek better technology in making the healthcare app decision.