SaaS Digital Pharmacy Ravkoo™ to Debut Tech Innovations Before Global Audience

Prescription Delivery Company Set to Showcase Digital Advancements At Major Healthcare Conference

August 10, 2021

Tampa, Fla. (August 9, 2021) RavkooTM, Inc. continues its commitment to pioneering pharmacy options for the 21st century, going from the Gulf Coast to the high desert to unveil its latest developments at this year’s premier Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society convention in Las Vegas. The 2021 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition offers an unmatched opportunity for the company to present the latest drivers of growth for its core focus: direct-to-doorstep delivery of prescriptions to patients.

“This gathering brings together the best in the business, and we’re proud to be a part of HIMSS21,” said Alpesh Patel, chief executive officer of Ravkoo. “Healthcare leaders and industry minds will have a sneak peek of the future when they see our latest work in person.”

Guests who visit the Ravkoo booth—#7322 in the Sands Expo Hall—will get a first glimpse of the Connect Kiosk, a patent-pending technological game-changer for the industry. The Connect Kiosk disrupts the traditional pharmacy space by moving it further into the digital sphere, allowing patients to virtually access the pharmacy directly from their healthcare provider’s office. When practices install this 100% HIPAA-compliant system and forward prescriptions to Ravkoo, patients can access the Connect Kiosk and compare benefits and costs, consult with a pharmacist, make payments and schedule their convenient same-day or next-day delivery. HIMSS21 attendees will also preview Ravkoo’s health watch and health app, which allows users to track and improve their health in one place and lets their loved ones remotely monitor the user’s health developments.

Professionals attending in-person and digitally from August 9 to August 13, 2021 not only come across cutting-edge health information and technology but also get the chance to connect and collaborate in ways that help transform global healthcare standards.

About Ravkoo: Ravkoo is an online Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for prescription fulfillment, developing solutions for each stakeholder in the pharmacy environment. The business gives patients nationwide same-day or next-day prescription delivery and offers customers unparalleled savings through a convenient discount card. Healthcare providers who partner with Ravkoo can consolidate and streamline their prescription workflow, consult easily with pharmacists, and offer their patience a convenient option. Pharmacists that join the Ravkoo network gain prescription volume and an influx of foot traffic. Find out more about these and other efforts at


Internet Pharmacy Service ravkoo™ Grows Wellness Approach Through New Partnership

Digital Prescription Network Offers Exclusive Self-Actualization Programs Through REignite

August 4, 2021

Tampa, Fla. (July 27, 2021): Affirming a commitment to the most complete customer health approach, RavkooTM, Inc. today announced the launch of their new comprehensive wellness hub REignite, powered by an exclusive partnership with motivational coach Jovan Glasgow. Ravkoo is already the trusted company doctors, pharmacists, and thousands of patients in cities across the United States turn to for their prescription fulfillment needs, and REignite will serve as the personal and professional development extension of the Ravkoo brand.

“Ravkoo may be known for offering patients free, same-day prescription delivery to their doorsteps, but our efforts to revolutionize the healthcare space don’t stop there. We want our customers to live focused, free, and fulfilled,” said Alpesh Patel, Chief Executive Officer of Ravkoo. “We are committed to addressing the often-underserved space of mental fulfillment, connecting our REignite clients to their best selves through the unmatched leadership of Jovan Glasgow.”

Through REignite, members gain access to free coaching sessions and real-time virtual events, and learn from the best experts with unlimited online courses. These curated offerings center around driving healthy lifestyle practices that foster the greatest potential. The invaluable skills members develop through the program provide a suite of tools to better achieve their current and future goals.

Find out more about Ravkoo’s new wellness hub REignite here:

About Ravkoo: Ravkoo is a LegitScript certified digital Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for prescription fulfillment. Easily connecting doctors, pharmacists, and patients in one convenient location online, the company’s mission is to improve patient adherence through convenience, consultation, and affordability. Through over 400 distribution centers nationwide in over 110 major cities, ravkoo™ provides free same-day or next-day prescription delivery. Learn more about the company at

About Jovan Glasgow: For 10 years, Jovan Glasgow has helped professionals and entrepreneurs take charge of their personal and professional direction through his work as a motivational speaker and life coach. A passionate advocate for turning pain into power to fuel purpose, Glasgow delivers dynamic presentations to foster growth. Glasgow now brings his experience to Ravkoo, leading the company’s new lifestyle extension REignite. Discover more about Glasgow at


Alpesh Patel, CEO of RavKoo, Shares About His Journey of Creating a Successful Healthcare Company

Alpesh Patel is CEO of RavKoo, a SaaS digital platform for prescriptions, with over 400 distribution centers nationwide in over 100 major cities – is now providing free same-day prescription delivery to the patient’s doorsteps. With our mission “Giving back to the community,” Ravkoo is now helping neighborhood communities by donating $1 to major charities for every prescription received from patients.

We Interviewed him to share his wisdom and Journey so far in the Entrepreneurial World.

1. What motivated you to start RavKoo? How did the idea come about?

I was motivated to start ravkoo as people needed nationwide same-day prescription delivery platforms during the pandemic. During the pandemic, telehealth and telemedicine became popular for virtual doctor visits. However, patients still had to go to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription, and that’s where we came up with the idea to make a prescription delivery platform offering free nationwide same-day delivery.

2. What was your mission at the beginning of starting your business?

We started ravkoo to improve patient adherence through convenience, consultations and making prescriptions affordable. Our goal was to develop quality healthcare and help streamline provider’s prescription processes.

3. What do you attribute your success to? Is there a trait you have or a person who helped you along the way?

I attribute my success to hard work and my past experience in healthcare as a pharmacist, along with a recent couple of years spent learning innovative technologies. Along the way, I’ve had a great team that helped grow our business. Without having a great team, no business can be successful.

4. When times get tough, what would you say motivates you to keep going?

I always believe every problem has a solution. Tough times are like storms. They come and go, and you have to be patient and keep working towards your goal. It’s essential to keep going and not hit the snooze button, but to continue fighting for your purposes.

5. Employees are one of the most important players to succeed in business. What do you look for in an employee?

Good attitude and hard-working. If they have a good attitude but no experience, they can learn. Experienced people with bad attitudes are useless to have on your team.

6. What is unique about your business? Is there a competitive advantage that you have over the rest?

When we started ravkoo, we were the only nationwide platform offering same-day prescription delivery nationwide. But now, we’ve developed two new technologies, directed towards providers or doctors’ offices and one for our customers/patients. The Connect Kiosk brings virtual pharmacy experience into provider practice so patients can get all their prescription-related answers while they’re in the doctors’ office and pay for the prescription, and schedule a delivery to their home. Our other new technology is the Ravkoo app, which will bring all patient healthcare data to one place. It will bring all of their medical and prescription data to the app, no matter where they received their healthcare. It also brings data from Apple Health, and Google fit so when our pharmacist consults with a patient, they can look at a patient holistically rather than fill prescriptions. Currently, these are pioneer technologies, so that we will be the first on the market for both.

7. Have you ever gotten a disappointed client or customer? If so, how did you handle the situation?

Knock on wood, not so far!

8. Is there a type of marketing that has worked amazingly for RavKoo? If so, how did you stumble upon it?

Being in healthcare for over 13 years, most of our past relationships have been business regenerated, but we are currently starting a digital marketing phase on Facebook, Linkedin, and Google ads.

9. Is there any resource or resources that helped you on your journey to becoming a business owner?

Yes, my current business partner, who used to be my old boss when working as a technician, has been the inspiration and mentor all of my life.

10. What are the three best pieces of advice that you would give to anyone starting a business? What do they need to know from the very beginning?

The first piece of advice is that nothing will be easy, but if you work hard and keep innovating yourself, you can find the solution. Second, if you find the solution for a customer’s problem, you will always win the game. And the last piece of advice is always to have a backup plan and remember before you get into the business, you always have to know how to get out of business.

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