Ravkoo, Inc. Digital Pharmacy Service Appoints New Marketing Director

Selection Marks Next Phase Of Employment and Business Growth For Florida Company

TAMPA, Fla. (October 15, 2021): The leadership team behind Ravkoo, Inc.—the online-centered medical services company expanding its prescription delivery options and web software tools to hundreds of local distribution centers nationwide—adds another member to its ranks, placing Rahil Vadsariya in position as the company’s new Marketing Director.

“Rahil Vadsariya is a rising star in our business, stepping in as Digital Marketing Manager just a few short months ago,” said Alpesh Patel, Chief Executive Officer of Ravkoo, Inc. “He quickly showed an aptitude and skillset that transcended that role. We’ve seen Rahil prove himself time and again and feel confident he is ready for bigger challenges.”

“I’m grateful for the chance to continue my career with Ravkoo and be trusted with a new level of responsibility,” said Rahil Vadsariya. “Ravkoo represents the future of healthcare, and I’m glad to have the chance to help share messages about the company’s past, present, and future with more and more people.”

Working closely with recently-appointed Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Stephanie Morel, Vadsariya will lead a fresh, dynamic team well-suited for Ravkoo’s digital-first business focus. Ravkoo’s partnerships with independent pharmacies continue to develop, connecting small businesses from coast to coast to the company’s unmatched digital medical services. Ravkoo is also set to launch a new health app for easier prescription management soon. These and other initiatives require forward-thinking brand positioning to ensure patients, healthcare providers, and pharmacists are all aware of the fullest range of options available to them. With his new position, Vadsariya has the opportunity to not only explore potential and possibilities across the range of brand communications but also lead the company to even greater growth and service adoption.

About Ravkoo: Ravkoo is an online Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for prescription fulfillment, developing solutions for each stakeholder in the pharmacy environment. The business gives patients nationwide same-day or next-day prescription delivery and offers customers unparalleled savings through a convenient discount card. Healthcare providers who partner with Ravkoo can consolidate and streamline their prescription workflow, consult easily with pharmacists, and offer their patience a convenient option. Pharmacists that join the Ravkoo network gain prescription volume and an influx of foot traffic. Find out more about these and other efforts at