Best Prescription Discount Cards

August 27, 2021

Prescription discount cards are a life-saver. That’s not only a phrase; we mean it. Who doesn’t like to get discounts on prescription drugs? In fact, the more, the better. These discount cards allow the buyer to get cheaper prescription medicines and some over-the-counter medicines through many pharmacies across the country. 

Many generic drugs may be selling at a much lower price than a prescription drug, but the patient’s condition may demand prescription drugs. At that point, if someone is already struggling with health insurance, prescription discount programs are all they need.

Nobody can deny the importance of a medicinal discount with the surging prices of drugs. Many people cannot take prescription drugs only due to the insane prices, so many companies chipped in to bargain for their consumers. Let’s have a look at what types of discount prescription card you can get your hands on:

1. AARP Prescription Discount Card

AARP offers one of the best prescription discount cards for the members and non-members of its community. However, the members will have an edge with more discounts and facilities such as home delivery.

The easy-to-use card is effective for people who have health insurance and those as well who don’t. You can ask the pharmacist for a discount by showing the AARP discount card. They will give you a comparison of the cheapest options in the FDA approved drugs.

The card can get you up to an 80% discount on prescription and over the counter drugs.

2. Walgreens Prescription Discount Card

Walgreens prescription discount card can give you up to 80% discount on prescription drugs, preventive and even pet medicines. You don’t need to be insured for getting the discounts. However, you need a Walgreen’s prescriptions saving club.

The discount card offers its consumers a 20% discount on vaccinations and a straightaway 10% Walgreen’s branded drugs and Nice! Products.

The discount card is valid on all Walgreen’s pharmacies across different states.Not a bad deal!

3. Prescription Discount Card Walmart

Patients may get cheap prescriptions in 30-day and 90-day quantities through Walmart’s $4 Prescriptions program, which needs no membership, no cost, and no insurance.

The initiative, known as “Walmart’s $4 generic list,” comprises almost 100 generic medicines priced between $4 and $40.

There are certain limitations to Walmart’s discount prescription card. Walmart may remove a particular medicine off the list, not all states have the facility, and not all the drugs cost you $40.

However, you can take advantage of up to an 80% discount using the card.

4. Prescription Discount Card CVS

To begin, go to your nearest CVS and fill up a short form with your name, address, and email address. The card is attached to the form and is ready to use right away. Another option is to go to and enrol in the ExtraCare Program. Within one week, CVS will mail you a card.

The usage is simple.  Sign in to your account or the CVS Pharmacy app before you go shopping, then navigate to “Deals & Rewards” to send your reward to your ExtraCare card. You can use it at the time of checkout.

CVS is one of those pharmacies that offer a prescription discount app and make medicine shopping easy for customers.

5. Ravkoo Rx Discount Card

Ravkoo Rx discount card offers up to a 90% discount on prescription as well as generic medicines. The best part about Ravkoo’s is that it covers prescription and generic drugs that most of the prescription discount cards don’t.

The other advantage is of 90% discount, which is higher than other cards.

You can access 65000 pharmacies through the Ravkooo prescription by doing a simple three-step process:

  1. Enter your email or phone number on Ravkoo’s discount app to receive your free discount card.
  2. Choose Ravkoo as your preferred pharmacy by showing Ravkoo’s information to your doctor.
  3. Get the card delivered to your doorstep for free.

The process is simple, and it will give you access to huge discounts on most of the medicines even without any subscription with the pharmacy itself. All you need is to provide your contact information.

While most of the available prescription discount cards will save you money, Ravkoo’s prescription discount card has a clear advantage of an app-based easy to install three-step process.

You can check your options here before making the final decision for a prescription discount card.


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