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New at-home lab services company brings easy testing to patients.

Lab Me, Inc., one of the most respected companies in the medical testing industry for at-home patient testing kits, today announced a new strategic partnership with ravkoo. To kick off the partnership, Lab Me is offering its highest discount to date of 15% on any at-home patient lab testing kit.

Lab Me’s partnership with ravkoo allows free, same-day prescription and at-home lab kit deliveries directly to patients’ homes. Patients will not have to go to a pharmacy or doctor’s office and can feel safe and secure in their own environments.

“The medical community has endorsed our home-testing because patients must be treated in a timely manner, in spite of the continuing issues of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Lab Me Founder & CEO, Anthony Close. “Patients have told us that Lab Me’s testing kits have saved them a great deal of stress. We have solved the problem of medical patients avoiding their monitoring and essential testing. COVID-19 will not keep patients from testing, which puts so many at-risk patients at even more of a disadvantage. People can manage their chronic diseases or wellness monitoring without having to leave the house, drive to a facility or expose themselves to others in public and private spaces, which could lead to serious health complications.”

Lab Me sells a wide range of testing kits. Its website makes it easy to choose a health test, then collect a sample and send it with a prepaid shipping label. Some of the most prescribed tests are for heart and liver, inflammation and diabetes, Vitamin D and Cortisol, iron, women’s wellness and men’s comprehensive testing or testosterone monitoring. Physicians are pleased that they can monitor a patient’s medicine and the compliance of treatments through the at-home testing method. ravkoo has chosen to partner with Lab Me based on its precision testing methods, putting patients and their convenience first. ravkoo and Lab Me are the best professional partnership in medical services.

ravkoo is a digital Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform with approximately 400 nationwide pharmacy distributors in over 110 major cities. Ravkoo provides free same-day delivery to its patients’ doorsteps. ravkoo’s mission is to improve patient medication compliance through convenience, consultation, and fair pricing.

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