RAVKOOTM Pharmacy is bringing an ultimate solution for patients, doctors and pharmacies through a new communication platform called “RAVKOOTM Hub”. You can connect with us on your own device via video, text and talk or use our RAVKOOTM Pharmacy Kiosk at your local provider’s office. After receiving your prescriptions from your doctor, RAVKOOTM Hub will initiate the process to bring you fast results. Meanwhile, you connect with us through our platform and privately converse with a live pharmacist to better understand your plan coverage, co-pays and pricing. After your consultation, we provide you with free same day delivery straight to your doorstep, which is initiated within minutes after seeing your physician. This eliminates time spent going back and forth between doctor’s office and pharmacy.
RAVKOOTM is all about the patient, however, we are joining hands with providers and pharmacies around the nation to be able to expand our network. We want everyone to have the opportunity to use our service. Centered out of Tampa, Florida, we are in hospital, specialty provider and urgent care offices in the metropolitan area. We plan to branch out throughout the whole state of Florida into the southeast of the U.S. and then communities all over the nation. Connect with us online to see if we are currently servicing in your area.
Good news, it does not cost you anything! That is correct, we provide all our services to our consumers absolutely free of cost.
Absolutely. Our platform and services are secured and HIPAA compliant. We have all the required licenses to run RAVKOOTM. We have licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians as well as an experienced team available at our hub to handle the operations.  

We offer the following services/solutions:

  • Easy access to Ravkoo through web application (Android/IOS)
  • On-the-spot assistance for prescription coverage information before leaving the doctor’s office
  • Searching for the lowest price for medication by adding manufacturer’s coupons
  • Instant communication with doctor’s office through the hub upon any specific conditions such as a medication change request (MCR) or prior authorization (PA)
  • Prescription status updates through Ravkoo
  • Prescription transfers to patient’s preferred pharmacy
  • FREE same day medication delivery to your doorstep
Yes! We can help you get your medications. To use our services, all you have to do is ask your provider to send your prescriptions through us. Then go to RAVKOOTM Pharmacy app on your device or use the kiosk in your doctor’s office. If your prescription is already at another pharmacy, we can request them to transfer the prescription to us.  

We know that there are far too many people in the U.S. who struggle with the cost of prescribed medications. It is one of the reasons we built this service platform to serve you better. We have worked closely with our pharmacy partners, manufacturers and doctor’s offices to find the best and most reasonable cost options for your therapy. If for any reason you are not willing to buy your medication or medication is denied by your insurance, we initiate contact to your provider’s office and find the best option for your medications. In this buffer waiting time rather than going back to your doctor’s office, you are able to track your prescription status and connect with us anytime via text, phone or through video call by using our service. Once we get an approval from the doctor’s office, we will notify you as per your request via text, phone or video call.

Once you choose your preferred pharmacy from us and you opt in for Auto-Refills, our preferred pharmacy will send you your refills automatically before you run out. You can activate auto-refills anytime. Shortly before your prescription expires, we will reach out to let you know that it’s time for another consultation with your doctor.

This entire process should only take about 5-10 minutes with a live pharmacist or technician on the other side. In this time, we can give you all the information you need and inform you whether you need to contact your provider before you leave the office as well as answer any questions you may have.

We believe in providing patients with complete convenience and saving them time. Our maximum wait time will be about 2-5 minutes, depending on the volume of patients we get.

All we need is your medication or pharmacy insurance card. We will be able to determine all we need from there.

Yes, you can choose any pharmacy to fill. Whether it is with one of our affiliate pharmacies or if you decide to use your local pharmacy, we will make sure your medications are transferred to the pharmacy of your choice.

Yes! We deliver your medications the same day, initiated minutes after your pharmacist consultation and it is free of cost.

All our medications come from high quality pharmacy partners, vendors and manufacturers that are licensed in every state.

You can cancel or make changes to your order at any time, free of charge.

We accept all commercial insurances, Medicaid, and Medicare.

Patient satisfaction is our goal and convenience is our specialty. You are able to pay through our platform or choose to pick up and pay at your local pharmacy. If we deliver to your door, you can pay when you sign for your prescription.

If you choose RAVKOOTM Pharmacy to fill your medication through our network, we deliver your medications free of charge. While the RAVKOOTM delivery guy is on your way, you will be able to track your delivery through the RAVKOOTM app.  

Just speak to the pharmacist and leave special instructions with us. Whether you want us to leave it in your mailbox or have someone else sign for it, just let us know and we will do all we can to make the process seamless, simple and safe.

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