Newark Pharmacy Joins Expanding Network of Ravkoo, Inc. Online Pharmacy Service Affiliates

Partnership Allows Drug Store to Deliver Same-Day Direct-to-Doorstep Prescription Orders

October 26, 2021

Newark, Ohio (October 26, 2021): Newark Pharmacy, the central Ohio community pharmacy that serves patients in and around Licking County, is pleased to share the store is now affiliated with Ravkoo, Inc., an association that brings new opportunities for both companies and additional convenience for the pharmacy’s patients. By joining Ravkoo’s growing online medical network, Newark Pharmacy’s customers gain the free same-day prescription delivery service and online resources Ravkoo has rolled out to other communities and the independent pharmacy gains a boost in customers and foot traffic.

“Partnering with Ravkoo sets us further apart from the big drug store chains in a good way,” said Jonathon Speidel, manager at Newark Pharmacy. “We can continue our dedication to customer service we’re known for, while our patients get the ease of having their prescriptions brought directly to their homes and expanded digital tools. That’s something no other competitor in our area can replicate.”

Becoming a Ravkoo affiliate means that Newark Pharmacy customers can manage their prescriptions with additional convenience, consultation options, and affordability. When pharmacy orders are processed with Ravkoo, patients can ask questions to pharmacists virtually and track shipments to their homes. They also gain from the ability to manage medications in one online location and from Ravkoo’s efforts to maximize medical cost savings on their behalf.

The potentials and possibilities that come with Newark Pharmacy’s new Ravkoo affiliation aren’t just limited to customers gaining current offerings. Newark Pharmacy’s dedicated patients will also be among the first to access the upcoming Ravkoo Health App, putting easy prescription management and critical digital healthcare services right in their pockets. Newark Pharmacy’s new partnership means the business joins the hundreds of distribution centers across America in over 110 major cities offering services for the 21st-century with Ravkoo.

About Ravkoo: Ravkoo is an online Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for prescription fulfillment, developing solutions for each stakeholder in the pharmacy environment. The business gives patients nationwide same-day or next-day prescription delivery and offers customers unparalleled savings through a convenient discount card. Healthcare providers who partner with Ravkoo can consolidate and streamline their prescription workflow, consult easily with pharmacists, and offer their patience a convenient option. Pharmacists that join the Ravkoo network gain prescription volume and an influx of foot traffic. Find out more about these and other efforts


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