Ravkoo Accelerates Digital Pharmacy Revolution With Opear MD Partnership

Comprehensive Collaboration Expands Suite of Healthcare Offerings

November 03, 2021

Tampa, Fla. (November 03, 2021) RavkooTM, Inc.—the internet-focused medical company expanding direct-to-doorstep pharmaceutical deliveries nationwide—continues a pace of unprecedented growth, providing even more value for patients by joining forces with telehealth and house call innovator Opear MD. As both companies develop the most convenient medical options for customers, the new partnership will close the gap between patients and care, allowing quick online access to physician providers, pharmacist fulfillment and advice, and prescription medication mailing.

“Healthcare remains deeply personal, even as more and more of our daily lives move online. Given our aligned goals of making digital healthcare more convenient and comprehensive while also retaining the connections patients value, a collaboration with Ravkoo just makes sense,” said Michael Demetriou, CEO of Opear MD. “The combined resources of Ravkoo and Opear MD means customers of both companies get the best elements of online and in-person care from start to finish.”

The new cooperation between Ravkoo and Opear MD will strip out more and more barriers to health access. Greater integration will give customers a one-stop-shop to make the medical decisions right for them, while also retaining the freedom and flexibility of choice. Patients can start with Opear MD and opt to see a healthcare provider they select, decide when they want to be seen, and whether their needs are best met with a house call or via video chat. The company’s new electronic health record system means any Opear MD has instant, secure access to medical history. Then, once a care plan is established, customers can ask a pharmacist questions or fill their prescriptions through Ravkoo, getting their medications delivered the same day. Multiple office visits become condensed into just a few smartphone taps, and a full suite of healthcare services can be taken care of from the comfort of home, thanks to the power of Opear MD and Ravkoo.

About Ravkoo: Ravkoo is an online Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for prescription fulfillment, developing solutions for each stakeholder in the pharmacy environment. The business gives patients nationwide same-day or next-day prescription delivery and offers customers unparalleled savings through a convenient discount card. Healthcare providers who partner with Ravkoo can consolidate and streamline their prescription workflow, consult easily with pharmacists, and offer their patience a convenient option. Pharmacists that join the Ravkoo network gain prescription volume and an influx of foot traffic. Find out more about these and other efforts at https://ravkoo.com/

About Opear MD: Opear MD is a membership-based app for digital healthcare. Bridging the gap between online and in-person care, Opear allows patients to select their own provider for in-home or video exams, medical transportation, and prescription-writing needs. Since its launch in August 2019, Opear has expanded from serving New York State to families across the country.


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